The London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) is an annual event that presents the Korean film to the London audiences. It shows a vibrant and varied range of films to satisfy the UK public’s passion for Korean cinema and give an insight into the rich culture of Korea has to offer. I decided to establish BI of LKFF due to lack of own ‘brandness’ and low connectivity between visual identity and values of the brand. For the visual identity of LKFF, ‘Chang-ho’, which is one of the traditional Korean cultural identities, is used for this film festival. The role of Korean film in other countries is a door to enter the Korean culture. So, the physical function of the door and the semantic role of Korean film is similar, because both door and film help make a connection between two different spaces or worlds. Also, ‘Chang-ho’ gives a Korean style pattern and visual atmosphere. For this reason, visual elements of ‘Chang-ho’ is applied to establish the visual identity of LKFF brand design.
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