Brand Service
Umbrella is produced by recycling local waste which is contributed by people (user’s interactive participation). Designed umbrellas with contributor's name will be located at the tube station. This service is based on sharing economy, therefore it will affect on sustainable nature (environment) and positive social aspect which is a behaviour of sharing.
Service Process
People can borrow umbrella using an oyster card with re-fundable deposit cost. They can return the umbrella at any machine in the tube station. The user can check the status of umbrella machine and remain time to use the app.

Brand Object
- Minimize umbrella user’s inconvenience of carrying an umbrella and getting wet from rain

- Maximize economical (waste disposal cost) and environmen-tal profits (reduce ubrella-caused lanfill pollution)
- Change people’s perception to think that effort for a sustainable nature could be started from the least bit of behaviour
I would like to design the umbrella with contributors’ name to make users recognise the people who contributed to be made the umbrella while they are using.
To operate this umbrella sharing system, machine (kiosk) should be needed. The machine will get a function of hiring and recycled bin to allow people to use the system.
The Umbrella mobile app shows remaining time to return and gives an information about the docking station. Also, the app can be connected to an oyster card. Therefore, people can use the umbrella-sharing system much easier and quicker!”
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